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As far as my feelings go, this board is here to be used by you in the manner you desire. Anyone who has any suggestions for any type of group work--please share it--and perhaps some will join in. People can discuss dreams--even agree to meet in dreams--or have a dream on a certain subject or answer a particular question. People can suggest a book or chapter of a book to read--and then discuss. You can post an excerpt or a Seth quote to share and/or discuss. People can ask any questions they wish--and regardless of who is being asked--anyone can answer. You can announce or discuss any Seth groups, meetings or conferences that you know of or that in your area. People can state their personal reactions to the Seth material and make any comments they wish about it--including but not limited to how it relates to their lives, to other channelers, their feelings, emotions and so forth. So, make this board YOURS -- and post what YOU desired to see or experience when you joined the board. And delve as deeply as you desire--and have fun, too. Serious doesn't mean a lack of fun. Just be yourselves--be creative. As someone once said, you are only limited by your imagination. Feel free to post, lurk and all points in between--and feel free to join in or not join in if ever anything arises to join or not join.

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