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I have followed Seth almost exclusively since 1975. As a Seth expert and author I am offering free counseling at my website My book was just published in October, and my four EN websites were registered in October 2017. Willing and able, as a favor, I need you to post responses to my daily blog on this site (and if you have the time). No pressure, everything is free on the sites (except my book): Articles and blogs on advanced manifesting and applying Seth-based philosophy are posted daily. I have four sites affiliated with my EARTH NETWORK (EN) at (G.E.N.I.E. Global Earth Network International Education). MISSION STATEMENT: Transition humanity to a new era. Transform public institutions and private lives. Replace the great universities and public compulsory education systems globally. My book, The Solution to All of Humanity's Problems and The Secret to Creating the Life You Want, is available at a discount at Or you can get it by going to one of my four websites first. The other two I haven’t yet mentioned are and I look forward to hearing from you.;; or call me at 860-794-7371

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(860) 794-7371

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