- Global Seth Conference (Online) Starts Feb 6, 2017

About the Conference Greetings, I’m Rick Stack, President of New Awareness Network Inc., one of the publishers of the Seth books by Jane Roberts, and I am proud to announce the 2017 Online Global Seth Conference. Participants can use a computer, tablet, phone or smartphone.

All presentations and interviews will be recorded, and participants will have access to the recordings 24 hours a day throughout the conference and for a period of three months thereafter. So, if you miss some of the live webinars, you can view them afterwards at your convenience.

This is the 11th conference we are producing and as always,we will strive to bring you an excellent group of presenters. The complete list of presenters will be available at our website circa late Fall 2016.

I began teaching classes on the Seth material in the late 1970’s and around that time Seth made a comment to me at Jane Robert’s class in Elmira, NY. Seth said, “So when I say to you let your classes thrill with quality, it is up to you to discover what quality means to you. And when I say to each of you, classes or no, that your lives be lives of quality, of beauty and of truth, I am not about to define beauty or truth for you. That is your challenge.” And, in the many Seth classes and workshops that I have taught over the past 40 years , I have tried to follow Seth’s advice. And now, I will try my best to make these conferences also “thrill with quality”.

These Seth conferences will endeavor to help participants: - Understand the source of their being and join with the spontaneous inner self. - Become skillful and effective co-creators with All That Is and create your ideal life. - Experience reality without impediments. - Explore inner reality & move forward in working with dreams and Out-of-Body-Experiences. - Tune into what Seth refers to as the “higher intellect” and operate from “The Magical Approach.”

- Looking forward to connecting with you at the conference!

Office - 390 Plandome Road, , , , 11030

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