BETHELEHEM, PA: Seth Reading Group

The SETH READING GROUP is finally here! When: 4:30 - 6:30 PM, third Wednesday of each month Where: Center for Psychological Development 1250 Greenwood Drive, Bethlehem, PA 18017 Fee: $20 per meeting (payable at the meeting) Group leader: Dr. James Strohl Everyone is invited! Many people attending my Law of Attraction Group and Multidimensional Dynamics of Consciousness/Seth Group have requested that I lead a reading group based on the Seth Books by Jane Roberts. This group is finally a reality. We will first read “Seth Speaks” and then read “The Nature of Personal Realty.” When taken seriously, Seth's teachings about the multidimensional nature of human existence drastically change one's consciousness by guiding one to a deeper, clearer, and more satisfying way of perceiving and living in relationship with both the physical and nonphysical realms. THIS SETH READING GROUP will be of interest to those who want clarification, deeper understanding, creative dialogue, and increasingly profound levels of personal relevance in relation to the Seth information. It will also be of interest to those who simply wish to share their enthusiasm, curiosity, opinions, or personal experiences related to the Seth Materials. Call Jim Strohl at 610-861-7580 or email ( if you are planning to attend for the first time or if you desire additional information about this reading group. I look forward to our mutual exploration of the wonderful, life-transforming information found in the Seth Books. Jim Strohl
1250 Greenwood Drive, , , , 18017

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