Seth Network Australia has been created to connect the growing number of Australian Seth Readers with each other and the international Seth community. Currently the group has members in most states of Australia, holding a monthly webinar to exchange experiences in living the Seth material.

New members are always welcome, whether you live in Australia or in a convenient time zone. Currently, Sethies in various cities meet regularly to share interpretations of the Seth books over coffee, so if you would like to get involved, let us know and we will be happy to assist.

The first step in our vision has been to establish a national focus point of contact for Australians who would like support in finding, or creating groups in their local area. By providing an active online network, we can build a strong presence, and work towards increasing our understanding and utilizing the practical application of Seth’s concepts to improve our lives.

Our goals also include, (but are not limited to), an Asia Pacific Seth Conference, a weekend Seth-fest, just for fun and laughs, and anything else we can dream up. Feel free to contribute your ideas on our Facebook page, or email us; the details are listed below.

We would also like to reach out to other Seth groups in the Asia South Pacific region, to share ideas, information and co-ordinate potential events in the ‘spacious present’. We are an open group in order to allow contributions from individuals, Australian or not, who choose to be, or are interested in being, conscious creators. We are guided by the Seth books and Seth Network International, of course.

Let's inspire each other, and build a supportive and active community of Australian Seth readers, facilitating our ongoing development and expanding our consciousness for the benefit of all.

Drop in and say G’day, we would love to hear from you. Best wishes from Seth Network Australia.

Find us on Facebook at Seth Network Australia, or email us at sethnetworkaustralia@gmail.com. If you would like us on your newsfeed, send a friend request to Ejay Jamb to get our daily updates.

Thanks from Ejay Jamb and Glen Payne.


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