Books by Lynda Madden Dahl - Including Her Latest, Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic Health


Lynda Madden Dahl is the award-winning author of eight Seth-based books. Her whole focus since reading her first Seth book in 1984 has been to understand the nature of reality and integrate that knowledge into a working order in her thoughts and, by extension, life.

Lynda’s latest four books in the Living a Safe Universe series are based on Seth’s comments and urgings toward an expanded consciousness firmly rooted in trust and its stunning implications to safety within physical reality. One ongoing experience discussed is the fact that she has not been to a physician since 1987 and stopped health insurance in 1989. She also discusses what thought processes perpetuate and reinforce that situation, and the significant role trust plays in its unfolding—as it does in all unfoldings

Lynda's Seth-based books and eBooks by publication date (available at, and in the iTunes store):
1. Beyond the Winning Streak: Using Conscious Creation to Consistently Win at Life
2. Ten Thousand Whispers: A Guide to Conscious Creation
3. The Wizards of Consciousness: Making the Imponderable Practical
4. The Book of Fallacies: A Little Primer of New Thought
5. Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers
6. Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 2: A Book for Seth Readers
7. Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 3: A Book for Seth Readers
8. Living a Safe Universe, Vol. 4: Seth and Psychic Health

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Some Seth Readers' Reviews of Living a Safe Universe:

“Lynda Dahl takes the reader deep into the heart of Seth's teachings, and one emerges with a new vision and understanding of concepts that will transform one's personal world, and thus the world in general. Highly recommended for all Seth readers who wish to take Seth’s material to a whole new level.” — Rich Kendall, author of The Road to Elmira and member of Jane Roberts’ ESP Class

“I can only recommend this book to every Seth reader around the world. Living a Safe Universe inspires us to examine substantial ideas in the Seth material that lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves in a larger context. A new kind of fascinating journey through the material.” — Masa Nishio, founder of Seth Network Japan

Some of the people who have endorsed Lynda’s other books include:

Robert Butts, Co-Creator of the Seth/Jane Roberts Books; and Louise Hay, author of You Can Heal Your Life.


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