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This board started on March 4, 2001. To date it has more than 81,000 message posts. Here is the board description as it appears on the home page: "Welcome to Barrie's Seth Message Board. REMEMBER TO JOIN BARRIE'S SETH WORKSHOP--for potentially intense Seth Discussions, as occur here, BUT in a workshop, library, seminar and/or classroom setting--depending on the thread. No Insults Allowed at the workshop--located at: I was one of the "N.Y. Boys" who attended Seth's ESP classes in Elmira. Top pic is Barrie hitchhiking somewhere, 1969 or so. The other color pic shows Jeffrey (Jed Martz) and Bobby Axelrod (Bobby Agan) w/Seth speaking at ESP class. This board discusses the concepts of Seth as channeled thru Jane Roberts--including such ideas as: simultaneous time; death; dreams; reality creation; probable realities, and ANY OTHER THINGS you wish to write about." And I am adding this for you: Sometimes some members do get political and there may be some heated discussions and name-calling. Even when there is simply a disagreement about what a Seth quote may mean or imply--SOMETIMES people get upset in their passion. In some ways, this is very much what Seth class was like. One major difference is that in Cyberville, no one takes up the space of another. As board owner, I "allow" this because I don't want to be a "dictator" and lay down certain subjective laws--superimposing reality as I see it--onto others; and at the same time making people feel less free to express their true feelings. I don't believe people join this board to have me "protect" them from what they attract because of their own beliefs. Better to figure out why you attract and/or react as you do, as so forth--then to make me a policeman. So, keep this in mind, if or when you check out this board. Freedom has a price, so to speak, and that price is freedom.

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