I have followed Seth almost exclusively since 1975. EARTH NETWORK MISSION STATEMENT: Transition humanity to a new era. Transform public institutions and private lives. Replace the great universities and public compulsory education systems globally. Four blogs, metaphysical books and university initiative.You are welcome to join and be a part of the solution. Accumulated knowledge in all fields is based on a false premise. All curriculum from grade school to university must be entirely overhauled. The result will be a new human with entirely new ways of achieving goals and solving problems. These concepts will soon spread like wild-fire across the globe. That time is upon us now. My books and websites will help usher in the new age. Seth mentioned that by 2050 this will have been accomplished. You can buy my books in paperback or eBook format. Prices start at only $2.99. Visit one of my websites & blogs where I am planning a university. Or get books discounted at Categories/keywords: Metaphysics, metaphysical, manifesting, conscious creation, co-creation, thoughts create matter, reality creation, consciousness creates matter, reality, mind forms matter, reality, mind over matter, mind power, mind-power, self-help, improvement, personal growth, human potential, transformation, psychology, social science, problem solving, solutions to violence, social, personal problems, overnight success guaranteed, create success, money, wealth, happiness, health, freedom, inner self, inner guidance, transform your life and reality, New Age books, five (5) star metaphysical books and eBooks discounted, how to create miracles and transform your reality, & your beliefs, thoughts and emotions create your reality.

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