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Hi! I'm David Ross It's great to meet all of you!! I email out a Daily Seth Reading each morning around 5 AM Eastern Time (US). I work with people who are blind who have found Seth and are into value fulfillment in a big way. These folks win olympics, climb mountains, are into downhill snow skiing, and riding bicycles through LA. In other words, they are into creating their own realities in very unique and highly personal ways. I've had requests from many sighted friends who love Seth to extend this service to them. I have done so. Now it's been suggested that I let folks on this network know about my service. So here I am, a bit hesitant because I don't know if I can respond to an avalanche of folks suddenly wanting to receive these emails. This is a free service and I'm doing it all by myself. But, that said, please feel free to request to be added to my email listserv. I have been studying Seth since 1975 when I read The Seth Material, Seth Speaks and The Nature of Personal Reality for the first time. The Seth Readings I'm currently sending out come from The Nature Of Personal Reality. Last year I was sending out readings from Seth Speaks. I've included a sample reading below, which is the one for Nov 7, 2011. I have a full time job, so please be patient with your requests. I will get to them, but it may take me a while as I do this in my space time. You can contact me at: david@blindwisdom.org. You can also check out the Blind Wisdom Website if you would like to refer a blind friend. Seth is not prominent on that sight, but implied in the readings meant to draw blind folks into dialogs leading to Sethian principles. Thanks for actually reading this far into the message, and have a great day!! David ________ SAMPLE READING from Nov 7, 2011: You Live In The Body Of Your Beliefs "Quite literally, you live in the body of your beliefs. You perceive through the body of your beliefs. Your beliefs can increase your vision or diminish it. They can increase or diminish your hearing, or any sense function. "If, for example, you believe that after a certain time of life hearing will fade, then so it will. You will begin to use the faculty less and less unconsciously transfer your attention to the other senses to compensate, and rely less and less upon your ears until the functions themselves do atrophy. "Functions in this particular regard are habits. You simply forget how to hear properly, following your belief. All of the minute manipulations necessary to hearing are unconsciously repressed. The actual physical deterioration then does indeed follow. The deterioration however does not occur first, but after. "The same kind of development can occur in almost any physical category. Usually more than one belief is involved. Parallel with the belief that vision will fail, you may have the before-mentioned belief that hearing will dim, and these two ideas may be reinforced by a belief that age automatically mak
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