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In 1979, the first Seth book in the German language appeared (Seth Speaks). The public’s response was very positive and also the following Seth books were quite successful. Only two years later, in 1981, the International Seth Organization was founded in Switzerland.

At the annual conferences that either took place in Switzerland, Germany or Austria, often more than a hundred Seth friends were present. The interest, however, was relatively short-lived, with the result that fewer and fewer people bought the books by Jane, Rob and Seth. The big publishing houses, which until then had published the Seth books, lost interest due to lack of sales and not only did NOT reprint sold-out titles, but also did not want to release yet unpublished books such as The Early Sessions or The God of Jane.

Therefore, we - Ursula Lang and Maurizio Vogrig – began to consider the possibility of translating and publishing these books. In June 1999, at Seth Network International's Elmira Seth Conference, Ursula met Rob Butts and asked him to question the Ouija board about translating the Early Sessions into German. The answer was a loud and clear YES.

This big support from Rob Butts (and presumably also from Jane Roberts and Seth) then put things into motion, and in November 1999, Maurizio Vogrig and Ursula Lang founded the Seth Publishing Company in Sempach near Lucerne, Switzerland. So far we have translated and published the nine volumes of The Early Sessions (German title: Die Frühen Sitzungen), The God of Jane (Der Gott von Jane) and Susan M. Watkins’s Speaking of Jane Roberts (Apropos Jane Roberts).

For many years we have also been members of the International Seth Organization and both of us have worked on the Board for a long time. Since its beginning in 1981, the organization has published a member journal – The Multidimensional Reality – that appears two or three times a year. In April 2010 we will publish a reloaded version of this magazine, which will come out four times a year, full of Seth focused articles about the material itself but also about the people who read and live it.

With the new Multidimensional Reality we want to revive interest in the Seth material and in our International Seth Organization and the 29th annual Seth conference, which will be held in Zurich, Switzerland, on October 22-24, 2010.

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