Atmospheric Presence: A Psy-Time Document


Hello Seth friends, Lynda Madden Dahl here. When all is said and done, without an innate, integrated faith and trust in ourselves, in All That Is, and in the nature of reality, we can read the Seth material until the cows come home and still create an unsafe universe for ourselves. On my personal journey into “safety,” I created a Psy-time document of excerpts from William James’ comments about the atmospheric presence and divine mood.

James is talking from his position after death, but I intuitively knew each comment was as relevant to me, alive and well in a physical reality, as to him. And I knew if I could truly see and experience what James saw and experienced, then it would ever so naturally become the beginning of my platform of safety in life. It has been more beneficial than I can express.

The excerpts are not meant to be read as one would read a novel, but instead taken one at a time during a quiet period, mulled over, savored, felt, and without equivocation accepted as true in physical reality as they are after death. Building our platform of faith and trust one plank at a time, until we are faith and trust - and safe - is our goal.

Please see the attached file for the Psy-time document. Also, for more on William James, see the article Straight Scoop from a Dead William James.


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