Consciousness as the Source of All Reality


By Elisabet Shatouris, PhD.

* After the Introduction in the attached document, written by myself as ‘sgjeph Trebur’s words, this ‘speech’ is actually by Seth via Jane Roberts, who was called Rubert by Seth, a name I spelled backwards to make Trebur, while sgjeph is the name Seth called Jane's husband Rob.

I did this to try Seth’s concepts out on some scientists by pretending the lecture was given by a live speaker at Yale University, where all the Seth material is actually archived, to make it more credible to them.

The ‘lecture and Q&A' are a composite of only slightly edited, some reordered, quotes from The Nature of Personal Reality by Jane Roberts, 1974, the year I gave to this event. The Q&A questions are mine; the answer are Seth’s.


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