Barrie Gellis--How deeply embedded in the seth material, if at all, is the concept of not hurting and actually helping others?

This is a copy of my NYC Seth Presentation – 11/22/09 My name is Barrie Gellis and I am one of the original NY Boys from Seth Class. I attended class for about a year back in 1972-1973. I have some online Yahoo Seth boards, the oldest ongoing one called Barrie’s Seth Message Board is almost nine years old; I also hosted an online Seth chat For about ten years; and I just started a Facebook Seth page. I am also a poet. In Sue Watkins' book on Seth class, "Conversations With Seth," you can find some of my poems and so my real name is in the index of that book. In my first class, Seth referred to me as "our poet." To date, I have written more than 4,000 poems, published about 80 in magazines, and have put together 100 of them in a book called "Outside Is A Secret Key." In the attached presentation, I ask the question and then answer it, as far as my beliefs go: How deeply embedded in the Seth material, if at all, are the concepts of not hurting and actually helping others? I have discovered that eight various Seth concepts will tie in to this discussion: These Seth concepts are as follows: 1. Love is the basis of existence; 2. People are innately good, loving and compassionate; 3. Violations and natural guilt are "instincts" we embedded in ourselves—to prevent us from repeating harmful acts; 4. We are here to learn that we create our own reality—via our thoughts, beliefs, expectations and emotions; 5. And as we do so we are not to hurt others; 6. And as we do so we are to HELP others; 7. the ends do not justify the means; 8. Violence is never justified even in the pursuit of your ideals or in self-defense.

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