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Hi, friends. My name is Paul Giurlanda, and I teach in the Theology and Religious Studies Department at St. Mary's College of California in Moraga, near San Francisco. I recently taught a course that included some of the Seth material, and I wrote a brief account of how it went, which I'm appending. Enjoy! Editor's Note: Have you ever wondered how Seth’s influence might find its way into some of our mainstream religious and educational institutions? Well, wonder no longer. Meet Paul Giurlanda. Paul is a former (24-year) De La Salle Christian Brother who is a professor at St. Mary's College of California in San Francisco. Following a powerful past life regression session, the psychologist with whom he was working suggested that Paul should read Seth Speaks. Even though he had never heard of Seth, he took the advice and after a bit of time – basically through Nature of Personal Reality – he was hooked. About that time, he met Lawrence Davidson and the folks in the Bay Area Seth group through a workshop presented by Rick Stack. As a scholar of religion, having written a book, numerous articles, works for college publications and various book reviews, Paul says that he finds himself trying to examine the connections between "Seth and the rest", re-discovering other philosophers along the way. He also says that as a spiritual seeker, he continues to seek to put the Seth principles in action, but sometimes feels that he forgets Seth's primary teaching, that we need to trust ourselves, and not gurus, guides or gods. We are pleased to see that one result of Paul's exploration is the creation of a course at a mainstream Catholic institution that includes some Seth material as a significant part of a study in New Age Spirituality in America. Go Paul!

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