Intro to Sunny Pai: Spreading Seth to Chinese Speakers


Sunny Pai is an amazing Taiwan-born woman living near Toronto in Markham, Ontario, with ties to mainland China. Sunny has been reading Seth for many years and has started a Seth group for Chinese-speaking folks in Markham. And quite interestingly, she travels to Zhuhai, China, two months every year to give hypnosis seminars, and while she has to be somewhat cautious, she works Seth into them and calls them "Mind, Body, and Soul."

To read more about Sunny, click on the text file to see what she wrote as an introduction, at our request. Also go to Seth Groups (for Chinese speakers), Seth-Friendly Businesses (where her hypnosis company is listed), and Blogs and Discussion Groups. And do visit our Gallery to see photos of Sunny's Seth classes (in Seth Groups). * You rock, gal!


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