Adorning the body

190.jpg one of the delightful possibilities of physical life. More so, the urge to adorn oneself is innate to every human being. We're beautiful as we are, yet it is a lot of fun to put on certain clothes and shoes, to paint, tattoo or pierce ourselves (although personally I shrink away from the latter two), and of course, to wear jewelry. That's where I can come in the picture. I make jewelry that piques the interest because it is unusual in its design. Wearable art that always gives the owner something captivating to look at. Something that also makes the wearer stand out and shine. The jewelry is not modest or easily forgotten. It's exciting, sparkling, and meant to invite a closer look and to ignite conversation. It's made with old-fashioned goldsmithing techniques, but their value is not merely in the materials used. Gold, silver and gems are mixed with copper, brass, wood, shells, pearls and plastics, all picked for their beauty. Generally there is only one of each piece. Seth is not visible in the jewelry, at least not to my eye, but hey, who knows what other eyes will discover. I was introduced to Seth, Jane and Rob some twenty years ago through The nature of personal reality. I only half understood what it all meant, but have been returning to the material ever since. Last year I connected with other readers for the very first time during an out of body workshop by Rick Stack in England. I really liked not being the only loony reading peculiar books. Reason enough to start connecting with more of you. Through this network, for example. I would be delighted if other Sethies check out my site, It's still only in Dutch, but you can always send an email and ask for more information.
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