Angels' Guidance Angel and Askashic Records Readings


We are surrounded at all times by our guardian angel(s), archangels, ascended masters, spirit guides, joy guides, and loved ones who have crossed over. Their gentle, loving messages are available to us at all times when we know how they communicate. An angel reading is different for every soul and may include angel cards, crystals, or intuitive reiki if that is how Spirit would like to communicate. Different from a psychic reading, you will receive messages and teachings from your "team"--what they most want you to know to heal and transform your life. Information may transmit about past lives, health, life purpose, karmic themes, soul families, relationships, pets, career, and more. Questions are welcome, and be prepared to get homework or an exercise channeled for you! A portion of the reading will include opening your Akashic Records, allowing for more information to come through. Readings always positive and geared toward the individual's spiritual growth. I also make personalized, channeled necklaces and key chains featuring the image of an archangel or ascended master working with you--or my interpretation of your guardian angel. I also make some necklaces "just for fun" for light workers. Check out my shop, Angels' Guidance, on Etsy.

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