BIO-Hotel (organic hotel) Kenners LandLust


We live in a very secluded, idyllic area in Germany, where we run a Hotel focused on organic and social standards. 100 % organic food, child care in the woods for our guests done by a forest ranger, guided tours through one of Germany's most beautiful forests, lots of communication between our guests. Seth is a subject for some of the people working here and grows more and more important for us, although our day-to-day-work is just that of a hotel. An unusual one, but a place to go to for holidays... So we offer a place for relaxation to our fellow Sethies and others. Our English website needs a makeover - sorry, we are about to do it.

Dübbekold 1, , ,
0049 5855 97 93 00
0049 5855 97 93 02
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