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This business exists because of Jane Roberts and the teachings of Seth. In the 1980's I was in a career in which I was unhappy and I was soul searching. I still remember the day I first opened the pages of Seth Speaks. It was jaw dropping. The effect was so profound, I went through a period I still refer to as a mini nervous breakdown. It was actually the breakdown of old beliefs and the adaptation of new ones. Baby steps ensued. Then larger steps. The tech recession came and went. My day job gradually vanished. And today, this business, founded on the need for a good crap scoop for cats, sells lots of scoopers to the largest pet chains on planet Earth. Needless to say, my own personal reality has changed DRAMATICALLY and the entire venture has been in perfect keeping with Seth's marvelous sense of humor. Jane and Rob were cat lovers. And my third son is the namesake of their cat Willy (which is also the name of my grandfather). Seth used Willy as a case study for animal consciousness in Seth Speaks. So here is to Willy and to all the crazy cat lovers out there who also read Jane Roberts' Seth material! May you find our DuraScoop useful and may it always remind you that you do in fact create your own reality!
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