Barrie Gellis' Poetry Book: Outside Is A Secret Key

My name is Barrie Gellis and I am one of the original "New York Boys" from Seth class. I attended class for about a year back in 1972-1973. In my first class, Seth referred to me as "our poet." I have read some poems at Seth class and when I lived in Elmira I attended some of Jane’s poetry workshops. Sue Watkins uses some of my poems in her books about Seth class called "Conversations With Seth." To date, I have written more than 4,000 poems, published about 80 in magazines, and have put together 100 of them in a book called "Outside Is A Secret Key" that is available here. To my way of thinking, this is what the title means: Each "secret key" refers to those spiritual answers or feelings that may be found in Framework One--your every day, waking life as you experience it; and not necessarily those found in any books, meditations, various philosophical concepts, or dream interpretations. That is: An examination of your daily conscious life, beliefs, and experiences may lead to great truths about existence and the self. These keys to self-awareness and understanding the nature of reality are as "hidden" as the spring time or a kitten playing with a string. They are as hidden as a muddy boot on a wooden floor, melting snow off a glove, or the sparkling elevator surface of the latest skyscraper. It all involves personal interaction with your present; with your landscape; with your keyboard as you sit and read these words. It all involves how your beliefs, thoughts, expectations, intuitions and emotions create and co-create your landscapes as you navigate thru them and interact with yourself and others. This interaction makes use of the ongoing choreographic communications that naturally occur between your intellect and intuition--and your surroundings. In this naturally-ocurring dance, the symbols that are found in dreams or through therapy can also be found in the objects around you--once you begin to look for them as symbols and not see them solely as physical objects. Once you, me and/or all of us begin to "interpret" our daily experiences—including the objects and landscapes in which they occur—as if they WERE dream content, then an expansive understanding and of self and universe may occur. It may occur with or without words. It may occur as feelings beyond expression which give us a personal understanding of everythingallatonce as we witness and feel its breath all around us. Anyone interested in buying this book please send a $15 check (shipping & handling included) at the addressed listed. Also, please feel free to email me with any questions or comments. Two Sample Poems (that fit in this space): MIRACLES miracles occur sadly only to fall unnoticed on the floor day after numbered day SHUT EYES my shut eyes put reality in its place as i dive within dreams and see my room expand beyond the myth of four walls
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