My New Book: The Myth of the Great Ending

Hello, My name is Joe Felser. I'm a longtime Seth/Jane Roberts reader (since 1979), a college professor of philosophy, as well as a writer on topics such as parapsychology, myth, religion, and consciousness. My new book, "The Myth of the Great Ending: Why We've Been Longing for the End of Days Since the Beginning of Time" had its genesis in a talk I gave at the 2005 "Seth Applied" conference in New Haven and Sue Ray's enthusiasm for the topic. A lot of folks today seem pretty anxious about the End of Things, to be sure! There's a chapter in the book specifically devoted to Jane's work and Seth's ideas; and the topic itself will be of interest to Jane/Seth readers who like to think about such things as the mysteries of time and the complications of trying to interpret psychic data too literally (a topic near and dear to Jane, of course). The book is dedicated, in part, to both Jane and Rob, whose pioneering work is yet to be fully appreciated. Stop by my web site for more information and links to Amazon and my publisher, Red Wheel/Weiser:

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