**New**Book 2 of Romantic Fantasy based on Seth Principles


EARTH-TWO: GAME-CHANGERS--By Richard Taylor...They Come. They Help. They Disappear.----- Lovers Ethan and Phoebe have earned their wings, so to speak. Finished with Earth's reincarnation cycle, they have studied long and hard to become Game-Changers, an elite group of E3s capable of lowering their energy frequency to that of the slow-vibrating Earth. Once equalized, these adventurous souls are able to cross dimensions and interact with their organic counterparts to change some human's destiny. When the next assignment is Phoebe's long-time stalker (and Ethan's antagonist), it becomes the rescue mission from hell. Leonid has incarnated as the rich, philandering Buck Buchanan, unconsciously searching for the object of his obsession on planet Earth.  Leonid's greater-self, Phaidra, has had enough. She elicits the services of the Game-Changers to cure her delinquent disciple of his centuries-long pursuit of Phoebe, and get his focus back on reality. Phoebe is directed to transport in to Reno, Nevada, and do anything she can to get the handsome, narcissistic soul to lose interest in her....from overwhelming him with affection, to saying she is just a gold-digging hooker. But the mission turns out to be even more difficult than imagined, and now requires the assistance of the most advanced, mysterious entity on Earth-Two, known to Phoebe and Ethan only as The Meridian.  For young adults to seniors


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