**New**Romantic Fantasy based on Seth Principles


EARTH TWO By Richard Taylor A romantic fantasy, transcending time and dimensions. On Earth-Two everything is free for the asking, everyone is as attractive as they believe they are, and making love can reach levels of ecstasy far beyond what humans ever experience on Earth. So why are most young souls so anxious to leave? Synopsis When elder-soul Andrew creates Phoebe from a portion of himself, she begins her existence like most new souls on Earth-Two: fresh and innocent, a void longing to be filled. After three arduous lives on Earth--first as a male gang-banger in Cleveland, then as a promiscuous fraulein in 17th Century Germany, and finally as a selfish mother in modern day Connecticut, she has "grown" enough in wisdom and experience to take on the most challenging and exciting role of her young existence. Giving her one more tool to fulfill this destiny, Andrew uses his skills in matter-manipulation to sculpt Phoebe's astral image to that of an irresistible beauty. It is during this next incarnation that Phoebe meets handsome Ethan in ancient Rome, and a love affair for the ages flourishes. With each ensuing adventure on the blue marble…with each separation and reunion, their passion for each other continues, seemingly unbreakable. But even in this magnificent afterlife dimension of Earth-Two where love abounds, there can be adversity. And in this story its name is Leonid. Across the many centuries and dimensions, this handsome but narcissistic young soul stalks Phoebe relentlessly in his obsession to have her for his own...only to be thwarted at every turn. Until... for young adults to seniors.


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