Thomas Leichardt, L.Ac., DMQ

Teaching, healing, and writing are three main branches through which Thomas helps others move into alignment, truth and expanded awareness. These three branches are nourished by several deep springs, amalgamated through years of study and awareness practices, into a potent mix of practical and spiritual insight. One of these springs is (of course) the Seth Material, while some of the others include Chinese medicine, medical qigong and Daoist inner alchemy practices. Thomas also travels extensively with Amma, a world renowned humanitarian and spiritual leader, absorbing many of her teachings on compassion and selfless service. Teaching people to awaken their own awareness is a real passion for Thomas, for it mirrors his own passion for awakening and exploring the furthest reaches of consciousness, and then translating this expansion back into physical terms. As many already recognize, the Seth Material is a fresh translation of vast inner awareness and vitality into words, devoid of over-identification with dogma, rigid beliefs, and religious symbolism. For this reason it sheds powerful light upon any practices used to expand awareness and foster awakened conscious reality creation. In fact, it provides not only the inner mechanics, but also the step by step instructions. For this reason, Thomas has passionately studied and practiced the Seth Material along side his study of Chinese medicine, the energetic healing arts and inner alchemy. Thomas has a private practice in acupuncture and energy medicine, and also teaches medical qigong at Five Branches University. He absolutely loves utilizing body-mind practices and energy medicine to address health on physical, energetic, and spiritual levels. Thomas feels that disease is not only multifactorial, but also multidimensional, thus a multi level approach is always warranted to unwind disease patterns. Thomas earned a doctorate in medical qigong in 2006 as well as masters degree in Chinese medicine in 2012.
1101 S Winchester Blvd, Suite N-267, , , , 95128
(408) 638-9108
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