Seth and Camouflage Reality in the Spacious Present

Leap over the tradition of time’s framework and sense with the united intellect and intuitions your own individual part in a spacious present that is large enough to contain all of time’s segments.
—Dreams, “Evolution” and Value Fulfillment, Volume One, Session 884

Did you know when hurtling down the highway at 80 miles an hour, you’re not going anywhere? When flying at 30,000 feet, you’re not moving through space? As you progress from birth to death, you have not physically grown? When 100 people view a room, 100 rooms are created? To clarify and explore these statements, we’ll take a look at how our individual camouflage realities are created in the spacious present, and we’ll learn many things about the self along the way.

First, though, we need to clear up what a reality is and where it exists. Seth says identity and its action is a dimension of existence; and that the reality of an identity exists within the action and cannot be separated from it. So, realities exist within the identity/action’s dimension of existence, not alone or separate from the identity, shuffled off somewhere outside of it. And the ego consciousness (personality), being a portion of the identity, isn’t plopped down outside of itself and told to go create. Since realities are a part of identity/action, they cannot be separated from an identity, and nothing in a reality can be called not-self, because the self is the whole of the action.

When dropped to the bottom line, this says I have my reality and you have yours, but we do not share realities per se, because I’m always in my own identity/action’s dimension of existence, as we learned in the three dilemmas, and you are always in yours. (A note: We’re using identity here to suggest entity and, by extension, inner self, but there’s much more to an identity than just that. We won’t be talking about it in this book, though.)

While you and I don’t share realities, what we do share is the ability in the spacious present to communicate telepathically. And this ability to telepathically communicate allows us to agree on similarities between our realities. For instance, those of us who are reading this page agree we live in a specific year in a world generally known to us to have certain characteristics of culture, countries, languages, etc. I may never visit a city called Paris, but I know it exists in the overall agreement made between us.

And because of that agreement, I basically form my reality to coincide with yours. But since you are not actually in my reality, and cannot be, because you are within your own dimension of existence, the objects I see cannot be seen by you, nor can yours be seen by me. As Seth says to Jane and Rob and a friend of theirs, “Each of the three of you creates your own glass, in your own personal perspective. Therefore you have three different physical glasses here, but each one exists in an entirely different space continuum.”

And what’s as stunning is that you hold an idea construction of what you look like, and what I create in my reality is a rendition of your idea construction of yourself. The original idea construction of you is always yours, though, and as you change it, I update my reality to coincide with yours.

To drive this point home to its ultimate conclusion: We can never be anywhere but in our own unique reality, and that reality, as, and because of, action can only exist in the spacious present. So, here I exist in the spacious present within my identity, creating a camouflage reality for my own needs and purposes; and you do likewise in yours.

Setting the Framework for a Time and Space Reality

In order to experience the idea of linear time in my dimension of existence, I “first” construct the framework of a space/time continuum, because space and time are the defining parameters of linear time. But the space/time continuum is camouflage, of course, even though camouflage with great purpose.

So, I now pretend to “live” in my camouflage reality with everything contingent on my root assumptions, or beliefs, in linear time and space (ergo, the space/time continuum). But I’m really in the spacious present with continuous terminations of the previous action by the current one, as we learned in the first creative dilemma. How, then, do I hold it all together, this illusion of continuity in time and space, when there is no continuity there, ever?

According to Seth, a complete physical reality is re-created millions of times a second, as one action terminates the one before it. So, millions of times a second, everything we see is terminated and re-created, with a new version of everything we see and touch, including our bodies. And an important point—each new action is different than the previously terminated one, even if only subtly, because no action can be identical to another. Remember, action is creation, and each creation by All That Is is unique—a point we will return to again and again.


Excerpted from Living a Safe Universe: A Book for Seth Readers, by Lynda Madden Dahl. Lynda is the award-winning author of eight Seth/Jane Roberts-based books, including her latest release SETH AND PSYCHIC HEALTH. She is co-founder of Seth Network International, the global meeting place for Seth readers; published a quarterly magazine, Reality Change: The Global Seth Journal for seven years; has produced numerous Seth conferences and been a speaker at many others. You are invited to become her friend on Facebook and Twitter at Seth Network Intl and Lynda Madden Dahl.

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