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Hi, Lynda Dahl here, guys. Would love to have you come visit me on Facebook and become my friend. Meet lots of other Sethies (over 4,000 of us at present), and share in some great discussions. Good Seth quotes being thrown around all over the place, too. :-)

Another way to spend time on Facebook with other Sethies is to join my Living a Safe Universe Books Group. Its focus is on developing a deep trust that allows us to use the moment point to our advantage, thereby leading to a consciously developed sense of living safely in our personal realities.

And if you've never been on Facebook, just click here to join. It's really easy, and once up drop in to my Page (for reference, I'm under Lynda Madden Dahl). It will be great to see you there!


Seth Network is now on TWITTER!

Do please check us out, you tweeters, and you'll see daily Seth quotes to raise your spirits.

And follow me on TWITTER too, at Lynda Madden Dahl for even more, more, more Seth quotes.


Speaking of Seth is an online discussion forum that was created to be a friendly place for people to meet and discuss the Seth materials and the Jane Roberts and Seth books.

Topics are as wide-spread as to how we are using the concepts in our daily lives, favorite Seth quotes, understanding Seth's concepts, other Speakers throughout history and how the relate (or do not) to Seth's teachings, Seth's explanations of reality finally being validated by the sciences, plus links to other resources, and finally just some miscellaneous "let your hair down" boards for those who just want a friendly chat.

Come join us today!

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