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Section One: Living a Safe Universe

By Lynda Madden DahlSeth says, “To understand that you create your own reality requires an ‘awakening’ from the normal awake state. Realization itself does change the ‘rules of the game.’ This recognition does indeed involve a new performance on the part of your own consciousness, a mental and imaginative leap that gives you control and direction over achievements that you have always performed, though without your conscious awareness.” We’ve come a long way over the months from Seth Talk’s entry #1 to this one, and the focus has been on broadening the definition of our self so that we can live a safe universe. That’s our goal and, good for us, we’ve learned or reminded ourselves of many of Seth’s concepts that dovetail with our need for that expanded learning. But as we all know quite well, knowledge itself will not set us free. If that were the case, we’d all be healthy, wealthy and wise after reading our first Seth book. What does it take, then, to make the leap from pure knowledge-based concepts that we fully accept as valid, to actually translating that knowledge into living a safe universe? This is no big secret, we all know the…
By Lynda Madden DahlSeth: “The one-line official consciousness with which you are familiar, says ‘The world is not safe. I cannot trust it. Nor can I trust the conditions of experience, or the condition of my own existence, nor can I trust myself.... And therefore I must protect myself, and I must set up my defense in whatever way I can, to protect myself in a universe that I cannot trust, and to protect myself from a self that is evil and flawed.” What constitutes an unsafe universe? If All That Is had perfected an unsafe universe as the model for its creations, what would it look like? One of the most obvious frameworks of such a universe would be an abundance of fear, since that’s the emotion engendered by a lack of safety. And that would be closely followed by the creation of seemingly endless protections against all that is feared. With fears and protections in place, the consciousness inhabiting such a model could go unhappily about the business of creating its reality. But All That Is instead created a safe universe, one completely devoid of the need to fear, where protections were not only unnecessary, but quite contradictory…
By Lynda Madden DahlA Psychic Manifesto, by Jane Roberts My life is its own definition.So is yours.Let us leave the priests to their hells and heavens,And confine the scientists to their dying universeAnd accidently created stars.Let us each dare to open our dream’s door,And explore the unofficial thresholds, where we begin. (from The God of Jane) When all of Seth’s words are read and absorbed, when all of the intricacies of his statements are clarified, when all is said and done, his bottom line message is clear: We live in a safe universe. It is a message of such startling proportions and certitude that we stand in awe of its scope of possibilities, for ourselves and for our world. And then reality sets in, a moment at a time. We fully believe Seth – that is definitely not the issue. The issue, for many of us, is that we know we live in a safe universe, no problem; it’s just that our personal universe, our reality, doesn’t always reflect that safety. We’re still creating those haphazard and unenlightened constructions Seth talks about, the ones that take us under, that seem to harm our way of life, the ones that reflect…
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