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Section One, Entry 13: Redefining the Self

By Lynda Madden Dahl

A Psychic Manifesto, by Jane Roberts

My life is its own definition.
So is yours.
Let us leave the priests to their hells and heavens,
And confine the scientists to their dying universe
And accidently created stars.
Let us each dare to open our dream’s door,
And explore the unofficial thresholds, where we begin.

(from The God of Jane)

When all of Seth’s words are read and absorbed, when all of the intricacies of his statements are clarified, when all is said and done, his bottom line message is clear: We live in a safe universe. It is a message of such startling proportions and certitude that we stand in awe of its scope of possibilities, for ourselves and for our world.

And then reality sets in, a moment at a time. We fully believe Seth – that is definitely not the issue. The issue, for many of us, is that we know we live in a safe universe, no problem; it’s just that our personal universe, our reality, doesn’t always reflect that safety. We’re still creating those haphazard and unenlightened constructions Seth talks about, the ones that take us under, that seem to harm our way of life, the ones that reflect depression or illness or desperation or hopelessness. The ones that come from a belief in cause and effect.

And make no mistake, that is exactly where they come from. I am assuming you’ve read all of Seth Talk to date, so you know quite well, thanks to Seth, that the underlying issue that causes our unenlightened constructions is our acceptance of linear time. Or, perhaps better said, our non-conscious use of subjective time. Because on one level we soundly reject the idea of linear time/cause and effect – we know it’s a fallacy constructed as a camouflage framework for physical reality. It’s just that we haven’t trained ourselves sufficiently to change our knee-jerk reaction to that old belief yet. It still overrides our acceptance of the spacious present, or at least our conscious working relationship with said present.

Yet as we so well know, when the spacious present becomes our platform of being, when we really make the conscious shift in our thinking that allows us to use our knowledge of the spacious present, we’re home free – we’re in the ultimate position to create our realities with conscious understanding. And that, according to Seth, is his main message to the world and the next step in the evolution of our consciousness.

And that is also why I chose to write Seth Talk, as I mentioned earlier, from the “top” down, rather than the “bottom” up – from All That Is to identity to consciousness, and a discussion of the process of creation, which is identical for all consciousness, no matter whether it is in physical reality or is a grand psychic gestalt that creates worlds. That is, I didn’t start with the physical self awash in its beliefs in a concrete physical world honed through cause and effect, and try to talk our way out of it. I chose, instead, to start by virtually ignoring the physical world except as effects caused by consciousness in the spacious present.

And why? Because it’s the true, the one-and-only, picture. Everything else is camouflage, so why on earth waste our time by dismantling illusion in a quest to find truth? Why not skip to the truth and determine instead how it creates illusion? That’s the ultimate quest, the freeing quest; in my opinion, the only quest worth its salt in maximum knowledge.

But it’s always more than just about the quest, isn’t it? Why quest unless there’s a practical reason, a comfortable outcome that has meaning to us in our physical reality existence? So a quest of the sort Seth suggests can end up as our practical ticket out of debilitating experiences and into a more steady stream of refreshing outcomes. So questing isn’t the answer, it’s the path. And what’s the million dollar magical ingredient that pushes us from questing into change so great it results in those refreshing outcomes? There’s only one answer that fits the criteria, and it is trust.

Seth Talk has been all about living a safe universe by redefining the self. And to what purpose? So we can trust. Because that’s where the quest ends. It can start with trusting All That Is, but in some ways that’s a remote kind of trust, removed from us and our daily interactive lives. It can continue with trusting our inner self and maybe our entity, but that’s also a remote kind of trust, because, like trusting All That Is, it’s not called into moment-by-moment use throughout our days. And the same goes for trusting a safe universe and the flow of creation. Unless we bring trust closer to home it stays a quest, not an outcome.

The final leap of faith that takes us from questing to results has to be the trusting of our self, an intimate, always constant trusting. As Seth tells us in many different ways, we are miracles of creation and creators of miracles. We are All That Is expressing itself as identity which is conscious of itself, using action to create realities. Because we are part of All That Is, we share its ability not only to create but to be within our creations. Or, better said, its inability to be apart from its creations.

And if we cannot be apart, then we must understand and trust the package of divine gifts that define us. Since we cannot be separated from All That Is, we are integral to its three dilemmas of creation. We come from identity and action and consciousness, and we use the spacious present, significances, suggestion, the moment point, probabilities and our mental acts as our playing field of creation.

But we not only use this playing field, we are the playing field, because the playing field is part of All That Is. We are our spacious present, our significances, our suggestions, our moment point, our probabilities and our mental acts. We are our own reality, never found anywhere but within our own identity. And, of course, we are our inner self and entity, we are the guiding force of our self as well as being our self.

This, then, is the redefinition of the self. This is who we are and why we can create. We are creation, not simply the created. When we forget we are creation, we become so entwined in the created part of our self that we stop trusting. Trust must come from remembering – and living – the truth of our self moment by moment. It cannot stay remote and make any sustainable difference in our life.

Seth says, “You sit within the miracle of yourselves and ask for signs.” It’s our time to stop asking for signs and live our miracle. It’s time to trust our amazing selves. Seth says it can be effortless. Let us believe him and make it so. Let us seriously and with enthusiasm explore the unofficial thresholds where we begin and which define us and our creative abilities.


    • You cannot equivocate. You either trust the self or you do not.
    • You must trust the self some time. I suggest you do it now.

Years ago I set a goal, and it was actually words spoken by William James in Jane’s marvelous book, The Afterdeath Journal of an American Philosopher: The Worldview of William James. In it he talks about his life after death and how different he feels knowing he’s surrounded by what he calls the Atmospheric Presence or Divine Mood (Seth’s version of All That Is). He says, “A steady confidence sustains me and a stronger sense of balance than I’ve ever known.”

Almost everything I now do with the Seth material has its purpose in that quote. It has become, for me, the embodiment of my own purpose for this lifetime. I see it as the ultimate possibility found in physical reality, the perfect platform upon which to consciously stand, the platform defined by trust of self. The perfect platform, and the only one, in my opinion, upon which to build a sustainable personal safe universe.

Thank you so much for making this long Seth Talk journey with me. As always happens when I write about the Seth material, I learn so very much about myself. So it has been a pleasure and a learning experience sharing time and thoughts with you. I may be back later in the year with other subjects that capture my attention, but for now I’ll sign off, wishing you a fine summer filled with marvelous creations.

My sincere best to you!



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