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Section One, Entry 2: Action, Identities, the Three Creative Dilemmas

By Lynda Madden Dahl:

Before what Seth calls the beginning – or before objectified reality, when the only reality was subjective - all things – realities, identities, objects, etc. - were already created and held within All That Is. They simply were not materialized or expressed outside of the subjective reality of All That Is.

But even after objective reality, or in our case physical reality, was created by All That Is as an extension of itself, not all of ATI was or can ever be fully expressed or objectified – part of it always has to be unexpressed. But it’s a pressing desire on the part of ATI to continually materialize some of itself, so there is a constant attempt to do so.

And this attempt, this trying, results in action. Not the action of motion as we know it, but the action of ATI. Seth says, “Action is the breath of inner vitality (or All that Is), of which all materializations of any kind are composed. It represents the relationship between unexpressed inner vitality and materialized vitality.” Some might call it creation.

So, action – or the breath of inner vitality - begins from within ATI and is a part of ATI. And since action is a part of ATI, the materializations that occur because of this action, are, simply put, All That Is expressing itself in different forms.

Which means that everything that’s materialized in whatever reality, in whatever form, is ATI expressing itself as action. There is nothing anywhere, ever, that is not ATI expressing itself as action…and that includes us.

To explain all this further, Seth talks about three creative dilemmas that occur because of the constant need of ATI to keep creation happening, or said another way, to keep action happening, for creation and action are one. And while this won’t seem so obvious at first, the dilemmas are the birthplace of everything.

First creative dilemma: This is actually what we’ve already talked about here. Here’s how Seth words it: “The first creative dilemma is that which exists when inner vitality (or All that Is) struggles to completely materialize, though it cannot completely materialize.”

This constant struggle results in action, as we discussed. But this struggle is not only the birth of action. It’s the birth of identities. Seth says, “An identity is an unfolding of action upon itself; and through this interweaving of action with itself, an identity is formed. Yet although identity is formed from action, action and identity cannot be separated.”

So an identity is action. And what identities are Seth talking about? He’s saying that any identity that ever comes into being starts here. Nowhere in the greatest stretches of ATI, expressed and not expressed, is there a mechanism other than action that creates identities. And that becomes a key factor when we later start talking about ourselves and our personal and mass realities, and it brings great clarity to those subjects.

So every identity starts existence or is materialized right here during the first creative dilemma. As is everything, actually, as we’ll learn.

So now let’s discuss the second creative dilemma, and interestingly, we’ll learn about the beginning of consciousness.

Second creative dilemma: “The second dilemma occurs, then, because identity, because of its characteristics, continually seeks stability, while stability is impossible.”

“It is this second dilemma, precisely between identity’s constant attempts to maintain stability, and action’s inherent drive for change, that results in the imbalance, the exquisite creative by-product that is consciousness of self.”

So, identities are action which is conscious of itself. That’s what they are – action which is conscious of itself. And because identities cannot be separated from action, identities constantly change, because action constantly changes.

An inner self is formed from this stage of the dilemmas. It’s an action of All That Is which is conscious of itself. And an inner self constantly changes, because each action causes another action which causes change.

A note here: You may have noticed that Seth didn’t say consciousness comes first and then identities are formed from consciousness – which is the prevailing idea in the New Age. The knowledge that identities come first breaks Seth apart from other works, and finally relieves the need to dress consciousness in spiritual clothes, similar to God’s but now called New Age. What Seth says is that consciousness is a tool used by identities. And we’ll talk more about that, and its implications, later.

Okay, on to the third and last dilemma, and here’s where we come in.

“The third dilemma is when consciousness of self attempts to separate itself from action, resulting in a state of ego.”

So, consciousness of self, created in the last dilemma, is not the same thing as consciousness of ego self – which is, of course, what we are.

Seth says, “Ego consciousness involves a state in which consciousness of self attempts to divorce itself from action, an attempt on the part of consciousness to perceive action as an object.”

So, ego consciousness views action – or All That Is -  as though action is outside of itself, manifested into objects. But separation between action and ego consciousness – or ego consciousness and objects - is obviously impossible, since no consciousness or identity can exist without action, because they are inseparable.

Seth says, “…It appears to ego that action is not only separate from itself, but that action is initiated by the ego, and a result rather than a cause of ego’s own existence and experience.”

And one point here: From All that Is to action to identity to consciousness is actually all one loop of continuing action, and there is no boundary that separates any of that action. So we, as ego consciousness, are simply All That Is and action and identity and consciousness of self (in our case, inner self) attempting to divorce our self from action and not actually able to.

This whole issue becomes paramount to us understanding that we are All That Is and we are our inner self – not an offshoot, not a consciousness formed by our inner self and placed in a separate reality, but that we ARE our inner self. Seth says “You cannot be disconnected from your inner self, because it is what you are made of.” And he adds, “When you say ‘I will do this myself,’ you are speaking with a limited idea of identity. Nothing is ever really done alone…”

So, those are the three dilemmas. To quickly review:

    1. The first is when inner vitality – or All That Is - struggles to completely materialize, but it can’t completely materialize, and that results in action and identities…and they are integrated.
    2. The second dilemma happens because identity constantly attempts to maintain stability, but action – which is always integrated with identity - has an inherent drive for change, and that imbalance results in what Seth calls “the exquisite creative by-product that is consciousness of self.”
    3. The third dilemma is when consciousness of self attempts to separate itself from action and see itself and everything else as objects, resulting in a state of ego.

Seth says, “These three dilemmas represent the three areas within which inner vitality (or All that Is) can experience itself.” And he says, “The creative dilemmas are the basis for all realities, and the heart of all meaning.”

This is it, folks. This is how and why creation happens. And nothing happens outside these three dilemmas, because the dilemmas constitute how All that Is creates. That’s it. From identities to consciousnesses to realities to objects – everything happens right here.

And by knowing this and other things we’ll discuss in the following documents, we will come to see who we really are, and how to use that knowledge to create our realities consciously.

So, to wrap this part up:

    • Accepting the fact that we are not primarily human consciousness in linear time, but wholly non-physical consciousness – or action –  using linear time for our own purposes, changes the ground rules completely. But the changed ground rules have to be recognized and built upon in order to effectively lead us to a personal safe universe – one without doubt, without fear, with clarity, with absolute trust…and with a built-in ease of conscious creation.
    • Change starts with knowledge and continues with integration; knowledge by itself does not lead to change. And integration does not work until we are so comfortable with an alternate way of thinking that it becomes natural.

And as long as we hold such a strong inner acceptance of linear time, we cannot effectively use our knowledge of ourselves as action, and all it implies.

And that is our challenge. Or as Seth calls it, our learning process. He says, “Remind yourselves that you are involved in a learning process; you are daring enough to accept the responsibility for your actions.”

And so we shall.


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