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Section One, Entry 3: Action, Identities, Three Creative Dilemmas (cont.)

By Lynda Madden Dahl:

Seth says, “You need not say, ‘The universe is safe,’ for, at your present levels, that will only enrage you! You say instead, ‘I live in a safe universe,’ and so you shall.”

When all is said and done, what we really want out of this existence is to live in a personal safe universe, isn’t it? That is, we want to live without doubt, without fear, with clarity and with absolute trust, because with that psychic platform under us, our creative bases are covered. No more haphazard and unenlightened constructions that seem out of our control, but instead constructions that mirror back satisfaction and our innate understanding and use of the nature of reality.

And an interesting thing happens along the way to a safe universe. We redefine our self. Indeed, we cannot get from here to there without that redefinition in place, because we can’t create overall safety without understanding why safety is even possible. And that “why” is answered only through an expanded understanding of the self.

In the first Seth Talk, we started that redefinition of self by discussing the three creative dilemmas, action and identities. And each subsequent Seth Talk entry will substantially add to our understanding of the self. And it will become crystal clear along the way that we are basically not physical consciousness in linear time, but non-physical consciousness in the spacious present using the camouflage of linear time for our own purposes. And that significant alteration in our thinking will be what allows the creation of a personal safe universe.

From this point on you will see eleven documents posted here, one by one, perhaps a month apart. Each document will end with a listing of Seth quotes, each quote short and to the point and specific to its subject, taken from one or more  - usually many more – of the Seth books. As I explained in the intro to Seth Talk, the quotes are not annotated because I chose them over the years for my personal use, never dreaming I’d eventually share them with other Seth readers.

Today’s quotes document is titled “Seth on Action, Identities, the Three Creative Dilemmas.” Yes, this is what the July 1 entry was all about. But because that entry was so long in itself, and because these quotes deserve your undivided focused time, I chose to hold them until now.

And there was another reason I chose to hold them, a more compelling reason, actually. This information is truly at the very core of redefining the self and our relationship to reality creation. We may not at first grasp the significance of what Seth is saying, but it is, in my opinion, imperative that we try, because as Seth says, the three dilemmas (which include action and identities) “…are the basis for all realities, and the heart of all meaning.”

This is where everything starts, terminates, and starts again, with the process happening continuously in the moment point to our complete individual camouflage realities - not just our realities’ parts, because there are no parts. So terminations and re-creations apply to our bodies, the kitchen stove, a sunset, a flea, the very ground upon which we stand and the air which we breathe – quite literally, everything. Sorting out what this means to us and how it, along with a few other of Seth’s concepts stirred into the mix, inherently redefines the self is what will eventually lead us to a safe universe. (It also helps us understand how certain things can occur, such as spontaneous healings.)

The information about action, identities and the three dilemmas will be the building blocks upon which everything else we’ll discuss in Seth Talk will reside – indeed, upon which our very existence resides. So my recommendation: Don’t skim over the quotes document, reading it all in one session. Instead, take each quote individually and reflect on its significance to you, action and identity and self that you are, over several sessions. And using your mind’s eye, see how they build a composite picture, starting with All That Is right through to ego consciousness. It’s truly amazing stuff, folks!

Seth on Action, Identities, & the Three Creative Dilemmas

    • A portion of All That Is resides within and is a part of every consciousness. Every consciousness is therefore cherished and protected individually.
    • Each self is endowed with the impetus (for creation), for it is a fabric from which All That Is made itself.
    • You do have access to a portion of All That Is that is highly attuned to you only, above all others.
    • You see yourself at a certain age, within a given set of circumstances. When you realize that you are also a portion of All That Is, then you will see that this concept is erroneous and limited.
    • Within All That Is, the wish, the desire and expectation of creativity existed before all other actuality.
    • The feelings, in other words, were adequate proof to All That Is that it was.
    • And you create for the same reason, and within all of you is the memory of that primal agony—that urge to create and free all probable consciousnesses into actuality.


    • Action is the breath of inner vitality (All that Is) of which all materializations of any kind are composed. It represents the relationship between unexpressed inner vitality and materialized vitality.
    • Action is the spontaneous nature of inner vitality toward various expressive materializations.
    • Action is a result of inner vitality’s attempt to completely express itself in materializations, and its inability to do so.
    • Action approximates as nearly as possible that portion of inner vitality which cannot be completely materialized within any camouflage, within a plane.
    • All materializations of any kind are composed of action.
    • Action materializes itself in various forms. I term these forms camouflage.
    • Within your system the camouflage of action is physical matter.
    • Action can never be considered apart from that which is seemingly acted upon, for action becomes part of all structure.
    • There is no separate force that causes action.
    • Action is more like growth than force.
    • Value fulfillment is action.
    • A thought is action.
    • Action takes place within the spacious present.
    • Action is a dimension of existence, action within action, an unfolding of action upon itself.
    • Action is a by-product of any reality, and a part of all reality.
    • Action necessarily changes that reality and forms from it a new reality.
    • The continued existence of your physical body is determined by action.
    • Action is as valid whether the act is conscious and voluntary, or whether it occurs within a dream or within a thought.
    • By slowing down his perception of action, man imagines that he lengthens time.
    • Every action is a termination (of everything that came previously).
    • Each action creates a new reality.


    • An identity is an unfolding of action upon itself; and through this interweaving of action with itself, an identity is formed.
    • The energy of the action, the workings of action within and upon itself, forms identity.
    • Yet although identity is formed from action, action and identity cannot be separated.
    • Identities are action which is conscious of itself.
    • Identity, like action, is a dimension of existence.
    • Were it not for action, identity would be impossible.
    • The reality of an identity exists within the action.
    • Without identities action would be meaningless, for there would be nothing upon which action could act.
    • Action must, therefore, create identities
    • To remain an identity, an identity must completely renew itself, and each renewal is a termination. Yet without the termination no new action on the part of the identity would be possible.
    • Every action is a termination, and yet without the termination, identity would cease to exist, for consciousness without action would cease to be conscious.
    • Without action no identity can be aware of its own existence.

The Three Creative Dilemmas:

The First Dilemma is that which exists when inner vitality struggles to completely materialize, though it cannot completely materialize.

    • This first dilemma results in action, and from action’s own working upon itself we have seen that identity was formed, and that these two are inseparable.
    • Action, having of itself, and because of its nature, formed identity, now also because of its nature would seem to destroy identity, since action must involve change. And any change would seem to threaten identity.
    • Identity must seek stability while action must seek change, yet identity could not exist without change, without action, for identity is the result of action, and not apart from it but a part of it.
    • Identities are never constant, as you yourselves are not the same consciously or unconsciously from one moment to another.

The Second Dilemma occurs, then, because identity, because of its characteristics, continually seeks stability, while stability is impossible.

    • It is this second dilemma, precisely between identity’s constant attempts to maintain stability, and action’s inherent drive for change, that results in the imbalance, the exquisite creative by-product that is consciousness of self.
    • Consciousness and existence do not exist because of delicate balances, so much as they are made possible by lacks of balances.
    • There would be no reality as it is understood to be if balance were ever maintained.
    • Consciousness of self involves a consciousness of self within, amid, and as a part of action.
    • Consciousness of self is still consciousness directly connected with action.
    • A consciousness is a gestalt of patterns of perception, by which action knows itself.
    • A particular consciousness is a gestalt of these conceptual patterns; but there is nothing to prevent a consciousness from increasing itself by experiencing other conceptual patterns or patterns of perception.
    • A self is composed of a gestalt of perception patterns, within which a fairly constant efficiency is maintained. This is the best definition I can give you at this time.
    • The self—being action which has formed itself into gestalts of pattern perceptions, by which it knows itself—changes constantly.
    • The inner self is that inner portion of action which forms the egos, and the selves, through the dilemmas of which I have spoken.

The Third Dilemma is when consciousness of self attempts to separate itself from action, resulting in a state of ego.

    • Consciousness of self is not the same thing as consciousness of ego self.
    • Ego consciousness involves a state in which consciousness of self attempts to divorce itself from action, an attempt on the part of consciousness to perceive action as an object.
    • It appears to the ego that action is not only separate from itself, but that action is initiated by the ego, and is a result rather than a cause of ego’s own existence.
    • Separation is obviously impossible, since no consciousness or identity can exist without action, because they are inseparable.
    • Ego’s seeming independence from action is basically meaningless, since ego is also action.
    • Ego consciousness, in this attempt, strives to perceive action not only as separate, but to perceive it in such a fashion that it appears to ego that action is not only separate from itself, that is separate from the ego, but that action is initiated by the ego, and a result rather than a cause of ego’s own existence.
    • The ego is action’s attempt to stand off from itself.
    • You cannot escape action. The ego is a part of action.
    • The ego attempts to control action by standing apart from it.
    • When the ego gives up its hold upon what it considers control of action, then as in dreams almost any action is possible.
    • These Three Dilemmas represent three areas of reality within which inner reality, or inner vitality (All That Is), can experience itself.
    • And here we have also one of the reasons why inner vitality can never achieve complete materialization. The very action involved in vitality’s attempt to materialize itself adds to the inner dimension of inner vitality.
    • Action basically can never complete itself. Inner vitality, materializing in any form whatsoever, at once multiplies the possibilities of further materialization.
    • Inner vitality attempts to materialize itself completely, and yet because of its very nature, with each materialization it increases itself, making the attempt impossible. This is the basic dilemma from which all types of reality spring.
    • The creative dilemmas of which I have spoken are the basis for all realities, and the heart of all meaning.


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