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Section One, Entry 1: Living a Safe Universe

By Lynda Madden Dahl:

Seth says, “When man realizes that he, himself, creates his personal and universal environment in concrete terms, then he can begin to create a private and universal environment much superior to the (present) one that is a result of haphazard and unenlightened constructions. This is our main message to the world, and this is the next line in man's conceptual development…”

Haphazard and unenlightened constructions. That’s what Seth says we’re creating to date, and he’s talking about in our personal as well as public lives. However, he then says, “When you get to the point that you realize you are forming your day-to-day existence and the life that you know, then you can begin to alter your own mental and psychic patterns, and therefore change your daily environment…. The entire structure of your existence will begin to change with these realizations…”

And Seth has been doing his best to help us along. He says: “…Not only have I been trying to divest you of official ideas, but to prepare you for the acceptance of a new version of reality…”

So, what are the official ideas Seth is trying to divest us of so we can live this new version of reality? It’s what he calls the official line of consciousness, and its main organizing factor is linear time. He says, “The official line of consciousness forms a world about it, and you perceive and experience that world, and it will always show you the results of the beliefs that are inherent in the official line of consciousness. While you devote yourself to that official line of consciousness, the world will always appear the same…”

And the reason it will always appear the same is because the one-line official consciousness gives us no place to go, no openings to aspire to outside the limitations of linear time, because it claims there is:

    • evolution
    • and cause and effect
    • and one world
    • and one timeline for that world
    • and one timeline for us

And it tells us that these things are facts, and therefore cannot be altered. They just ARE. And those facts force us to think a certain way, a way that leaves little to no room to believe we, as Seth says, create our personal and universal environments in concrete terms.

The good news, according to Seth, is this: “The one-line stage of consciousness was necessary... But that stage contained within it its own impetus. It set up challenges that could not be solved at that stage of consciousness, and that would automatically lead you into other strands of awareness.”

Those challenges that Seth’s talking about take the form of our haphazard and unenlightened constructions. And in order to solve our issues made manifest in those constructions, we need to become aware of other information, and then think differently because of it.

Years ago I read a line from Seth that I didn’t understand, and it puzzled me for a long time.

He says: “Your ideas of time are detrimental. Time works with you and not against you.” (He said to Rob, "Underline that four times.")

And the more I read the Seth material, it finally hit me that Seth was talking about two different kinds of time in that one statement. When he says, “Your ideas of time are detrimental,” he’s talking about our ideas of linear time and our acceptance of cause and effect – which is what linear time is all about. And when he says, “Time works with you and not against you,” he’s talking about subjective time working with us, subjective time in the spacious present – which is the only real time there is, according to him.

And it struck me that if we can get a grip on the use of subjective time, then time truly will work for us, mostly because we will drop the idea of cause and effect. And by dropping the idea of cause and effect, we will significantly change the rules of the game. Seth says: “As you (come to) understand time, you will eventually be able to merge your inner comprehension with your physical self, and form your world on a conscious basis.”

Indeed, time is the issue. We need a different perspective on time, an expansion of our thinking to include the working assumption that time is subjective, not objective, and therefore we can override the belief in cause and effect. And when we do, Seth has good news for us. He says, “You begin to glimpse a promised land – a land of psyche and reality that represents unimpeded nature.”

Understanding the subjective nature of time is the key to living a safe universe without the haphazard constructions Seth referenced earlier. And it is perhaps one of the most difficult issues for us to grasp. Not theoretically or intellectually because we can pretty much understand what Seth is saying about simultaneous time vs. linear time, or at least we can see the outlines of the bigger picture. That’s not where our issue lies.

The real challenge in understanding and using time to our advantage lies in the fact that we believe linear time. Not that we believe in it - but that we believe it! That is, we believe it when we assume an action we took yesterday caused an event today. We believe it when a memory of a “past” event is accepted as a part of our past. We believe it when something happens to us in the present that we accept as a random event. We believe it when an object is assumed to be solid. We believe it when we assume there is something beyond the walls of our home, always there even if we don’t see it.

Some ideas about linear time we’ve loosened. When we no longer fear death, we’ve loosened the hold of linear time. When we know the illness or accident we experienced was caused by us, we’ve loosened the hold of linear time. When we consciously choose a lucid dream or an out of body, we’ve loosened the hold of linear time. But overall, a belief in linear time dominates our lives. And yet – and this is the ironic part – we know, because Seth tells us so, that our view of linear time is a detriment to us and to our individual growth. That our freedom lies in understanding and using simultaneous time.

Seth says, “You have put yourselves in a position where your consciousness must now become aware of the probable pasts and probable futures in order to form for yourselves a sane, fulfilling, and creative present.” And we can’t accept or work with the probabilities surrounding pasts and futures, and the implications of it all, unless we truly accept and work with subjective time.

So this discussion is in direct response to the challenge Seth has laid down for us, paraphrased – to loosen our hold on linear time thinking, because our efforts will lead us to freedom from haphazard and unenlightened constructions and into a sane and fulfilling present.

What we will do here is to frame our realities through the lens of simultaneous time instead of linear time. In order to do that, we have to start from a different place than our thinking normally takes us. That is, instead of seeing and discussing our lives as emerging from linear time and trying to use that framework to bring about change, we will see our realities as immersed in the spacious present in subjective time, and learn to use the knowledge and tools of that framework.

Seth says, “You recognized the overall vitality of our material, but you did not realize that it meant a complete reorientation of your attitudes. You did not realize that you were being presented, not merely with an alternate view of reality, but with the closest approximation you could get of what reality was, and how it worked, and what it meant.”

And reality is not linear time and cause and effect. To get to a complete reorientation of our attitudes, we can’t just theoretically accept Seth’s wonderful alternate view of reality. We really must bring it alive in our thinking, which will quite literally bring it alive in our present. We need to own it as our bedrock platform of thought, not just as an intriguing, but abstract, idea of Seth’s. We must make it ours.

So I’ll bring certain of Seth’s topics to your awareness here and in following entries, all chosen for and aimed at reinforcing the idea that we are indeed basically non-physical consciousness in the spacious present simply using the illusion of linear time for our own purposes.

And that change in our thinking about who we are and what we’re capable of, will eventually lead us to, as Seth says, “a land of psyche and reality that represents unimpeded nature.” Or, as I think of it, freedom.

The topics herein will build  toward a whole, a whole that, when we see it clearly for what it is, will push the boundaries of linear time’s unquestioned acceptance and walk us toward that sane and fulfilling present.

I’ll start the ball rolling right now on the first topic, that of action, identities and the three creative dilemmas, and I won’t do much editorializing during this part. That is, I won’t be saying much about their relevancy to us in our everyday lives and their very practical implications. We’ll hold that part for after the groundwork is laid through the coming entries.

Okay, and now a drum roll, please....because what we’re about to discuss is the information that has the distinction of differentiating the Seth material from any other body of work in today’s world. This is the information that sets Seth head and shoulders apart and makes sense of everything else…in a logical way.


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