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Section Two, Entry 3: What Would Seth Say to Me Today?

By Lynda Madden Dahl:

What Would Seth Say to Me Today?

No apple tree tries to grow violets. A false belief, a limiting one, is as ambiguous to your nature as any apple tree's idea that it is a violet plant. It could not produce violets, nor could it be a good apple tree while it tried to.

    • …The atmospheric presence and knowing light sustains you.
    • You live in a safe universe. …
    • This is a valid psychic truth.Any belief in an unsafe universe sets up resistance and self-protection.
    • Faith is the agent in which growth can happen.
    • You cannot equivocate. You have a will for a reason.
    • …You must trust your own nature, for it has a purpose.
    • You cannot equivocate. You either trust the self or you do not.
    • It is far better to trust, for you open up Framework 2 so that benefits become available that might otherwise not be.
    • And if it seems that a trust is betrayed, the overall picture will prove to be far different.
    • …Trust the natural order of being; that conditions are largely conducive to it; that your needs will be met within the circumstances of that natural order; and that you are couched and supported.
    • …A state of grace is provided you in which you can take action without care, without the anticipation of impediments.
    • Those desires of yours that are fitting to your nature will automatically come to pass, unless you block them through disadvantageous beliefs. They cannot be blocked by others.
    • …In your larger picture there are no errors, for each action, pleasant or not, will be redeemed.
    • There are literally many probable you’s. You can draw upon their abilities...
    • Alter your beliefs and any probable self can, within certain limitations, be actualized.
    • …The ideal seeks expression. It often seems to change or alter in ways not understood. Yet those same distortions may be the very openings that allow growth and change.
    • …Your exterior improvements are the result of inner workings, and they represent the growth of inner confidence.
    • Your conscious mind is always trying to give you a clear picture, but you often allow preconceived ideas to block this intelligence.
    • The mistaken belief is one that does not fit the basic conditions of your inner being.
    • You can quicken your psychic experiences if you stop thinking of impediments.
    • …Thoughts of abundance affect the inner order of events.
    • Your ideas of time are detrimental. Time works with you, not against you.
    • You are tuning into another channel, experiencing a reality that is not only quite real, but presents a far truer picture.…It is as if you are now standing on a hilltop, surrounded by clear brilliant air.


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