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Section Two, Entry 4: What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?

By Lynda Madden Dahl:

What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?

In the Moment Point...

    • ...you constantly form corporeal reality
    • ...you form your reality NOW
    • ...all you have to do is realize your own freedom
    • ...you must become consciously aware of what you tell yourself is true
    • ...what you tell yourself is true is the reality you project outward
    • ...matter is continually created
    • ...you hallucinate the room
    • ...your feeling of effortlessness is what’s important
    • ...you must forget cause and effect
    • ...all the proper circumstances and conditions are being brought together for you
    • ...all energy at your inner self’s disposal is concentrated to bring about the results asked for
    • ...the organization of your feelings, beliefs and intents directs the focus about which your physical reality is built

In the Moment Point...

    • ...natural optimism is a power
    • ...take it for granted that any situation will have a favorable end result for you
    • ...your clear intent sets forces working for you
    • ...your mental images bring about their own fulfillment
    • ...you select your physical experience from all those events that could be materialized
    • ...your past, present and future are all compressed
    • ...each mental act is a reality for which you are responsible
    • ...concentrate upon your goal, rather than the means of attaining it
    • ...your imagination can be of great value, allowing you to open yourself to new courses
    • ...expectancy and inner confidence always bring you the best results with the least effort

In the Moment Point...

    • ...you must trust your own nature, for it has a purpose
    • ...see your thoughts as the real events
    • ...your abilities must be ultimately tied in with your greatest inner aspirations, not tied down by your fears
    • ...your smallest thought is brought to fruition
    • ...your thoughts of abundance affect your inner order of events
    • ...enjoyment is a weapon
    • ...to brood or worry or become resentful is regrettable
    • ...your emotions are the problem, and not those elements that bring them about
    • ...adopt a position of divine nonchalance
    • ...stop thinking of impediments
    • ...faith is the agent in which your growth can happen
    • ...you live in a safe universe
    • ...you cannot equivocate, you have a will for a reason

In the Moment Point...

    • ...you create from nothing the experience that is your own
    • ...you get what you concentrate upon
    • ...there is only a spacious present
    • ...your entire physical environment comes naturally out of your inner mind
    • ...the walls of your house do not actually exist
    • ...the time divisions you have placed within the spacious present do not exist
    • ...you change your focus point, you change what you consider significant
    • ...your suggestion is the direction in which action moves
    • ...you are in control, you are not moved by other forces
    • ...your soul constructs your physical daily reality for you from the nature of your thoughts and expectations
    • ...a portion of All That Is resides within you and is a part of your consciousness


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