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Section Two, Entry 7: What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?

By Lynda Madden Dahl


What Would Seth Say to Me Today About Living in the Moment Point?

In the Moment Point...

    • ...you are known by the universe
    • ...no action or material object can be perceived without your inner consent and willingness
    • ...your reality is a perfect replica of your inner wishes and expectations
    • ...your negative suggestions set up blockages
    • ...you are filled with the vitality of All That Is, and it protects you
    • ...is the gateway to all of your existences
    • ...is your point of power, action and focus
    • ...you are in the spacious present now
    • ...you alter both your past and future
    • ...your beliefs directly intersect with the invisible world from which you draw your energy and strength
    • ...you choose which you and which world
    • ...spontaneously take for granted that your acts will result in the most favorable circumstances for you

In the Moment Point...

    • ...your recognition of your entity can help you direct energies from other dimensions into your daily life
    • ...past events do not intrude unless they are beckoned by your conscious expectations and thoughts
    • ...a sudden or intense belief in health can indeed “reverse” a disease
    • ...to rid yourself of annoying restrictions, re-pattern your past
    • ...you are learning how to transform an imaginative realm of probabilities into your world
    • ...probabilities are an ever-present portion of your invisible psychological environment
    • ...you choose certain acts, and unconsciously transform them into physical events or objects
    • ...because your course is begun, that does not mean it cannot be changed by you at any point
    • ...there are deep veins of probable actions ever available to you
    • ...you are a probable you

In the Moment Point...

    • ...if you believe in cause and effect, then you will be bound by those laws
    • ...the large area of your mental activity is translated into physical terms
    • ...altering the state of your psyche automatically alters your physical circumstances
    • ...your thought is an unsurpassable force
    • ...your positive and healthy attitudes are physically manifest, as well as your unhealthy or negative attitudes
    • ...you reinforce your beliefs constantly through the normal inner talking in which you indulge
    • ...you will find habitual thought patterns by which you continually reinforce negative aspects
    • ...you are free to accept and develop, from the miraculous banks of reality, those experiences and emotions that you want, and to reject those that you do not want
    • ...any strong emotion of yours carries within it far more energy than that required to send a rocket to the moon
    • ...since your experiences are formed by the emotions, then it is your basic emotions that must be manipulated
    • ...your emotions form expectations
    • ...your expectation of danger will create danger, your expectation of success will create success

In the Moment Point...

    • ...your true power is in your imagination which dares to speculate upon that which is not yet
    • ...until you have faith in yourself, you can have no real faith in All That Is
    • ...your idea of prevention is always based on fear, for you do not want to prevent something that is joyful
    • ...your environment expresses your personality
    • ...your proper use of imagination can propel ideas in the direction you desire
    • ...you can consciously draw upon your greater energy, understanding and strength
    • ...you are in the process of becoming a conscious participator with your soul
    • ...true strength is the result of excellent communications between you and your inner self
    • ...when you realize you live in a safe universe, old patterns of reaction begin to break up
    • ...your imagination and emotions are the most concentrated forms of energy that you possess
    • ...your soul constantly creates the body
    • ...the unassailable and unquenchable power of All That Is is individualized in you


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